A robotics and AI collaboration for fusion energy, fission decommissioning and beyond.

About RAICo 

The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration (RAICo) is a collaboration between the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), Sellafield Ltd and the University of Manchester.

Bringing together end-user teams from both fission and fusion sectors, RAICo develops robotics and AI technologies that are required for the deployment of remotely operated solutions for fission decommissioning and future fusion powerplants.

Using robotics and AI in hazardous nuclear decommissioning environments will provide the step-change in capabilities needed to move towards a faster, safer and more cost-effective set of next generation activities. The knowledge from the research and development for decommissioning will also develop essential expertise in bringing fusion generated electricity to the grid.​

The programme actively engages with the supply chain as part of socioeconomic initiatives in Cumbria.

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
Sellafield Ltd
Manchester University

Key technology themes


Removing humans from
harmful environments


Preparing waste for storage​

& AI Data (RAID)

Gathering data to enable decisions ​


Developing digital tools for
remote operations​

RAICo’s robotics & AI technology development programme focusses on addressing the key operational
needs and goals of end users in fission decommissioning and fusion engineering.

The four technology themes above are enabled with academic research
and stakeholder engagement.

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This is UKAEA’s electronic tendering platform. Go to the ‘Current Tenders’ from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen to find all opportunities across all organisations that use the platform. Then, search for UKAEA specific opportunities by clicking ‘+ More options’ and selecting ‘United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’ from the ‘Buyers’ drop-down menu.

To find contract opportunities at RAICo, please search by keyword ‘RAICo’.​

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To find contract opportunities at RAICo, please search by keyword ‘RAICo’.

Use the Find a Tender service to search and apply for high value contracts in the UK’s public and utilities sectors. These are contracts that exceed the relevant Public Procurement Threshold as published by the Cabinet Office.

To find contract opportunities at RAICo, please search by keyword ‘RAICo’.

The published information gives details on forthcoming, probable procurements at the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

RAICo contracts can be found on the ‘RACE’ tab in the excel file which you can download from this page.

This page contains information for those looking to become a supplier or contractor for the UK Atomic Energy Authority.